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Lost Eden was founded as Utah’s first Western Indigenous art gallery dedicated to fulfilling Article 27 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Existing as both a physical gallery and a Web3 platform, Lost Eden is  a destination for both established and emerging artists to showcase their physical and digital designs. 

The Gallery is part of a movement to refocus this hemisphere's perspective of American West art to include the Pacific region. We are steadfast and committed to bringing Indigenous voices to the forefront of writings, interpretations, and exhibitions of Oceania (including Pacific Islands, Maori, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and West Papua) art and culture. We are dedicated to serving the public as a truthful conduit for this hemisphere's Indigenous cultures  - past, present, and emerging - in all their depth and diversity. As an Indigenous arts and culture space, the Gallery is focused on creating art for non-art outcomes and experiences.

Salt Lake City, UT


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